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B i o g r a p h y

" Leading the charge on vocals, guitar, bodhran and tin whistle, Martin O'Malley has brought together six musicians: some born and raised in the traditions of Irish music, some classically trained, some life-long students of blues, rock, jazz. Many of them are all of the above- and all students of the experience that can only be gained by standing on stage and putting ones heart and soul into a performance, while making the audience feel that they are a part of this dynamic chemistry..


Jared Denhard, Jim Eagan, Sean McComiskey, Pete Miller, Ralph Reinoldi, Jamie Wilson and Martin O'Malley are O'Malley's March.You could call it Celtic Rock- but it is so much more. This band has refused to stand in one place and simply play the usual fare. Mixing the hauntingly beautiful, soulful and rousing music of Irish tradition with the music that was created out of the Irish Diaspora with original composItions by Martin O'Malley and Jared Denhard (from the world-renowned Peabody Conservatory), they continue to grow, to listen, to go beyond what they know, to share their intimate connection with the music  they have learned, the music they have written and the music that has written them."
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